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How to get better in Boom Beach, wondering?

In this short but very useful guide we will talk about one of the best ways to have fun today, of course we will talk about video games, but not just ordinary video games since today’s guide is all about mobile games which are the best way to have fun today! Are you ready? This short gaming guide will be about one great mobile game called Boom Beach. This game is created by gaming company that made Clash of Clans, the most popular mobile game ever. Company name is Supercell and it is based in Finland. Boom Beach is also free to play multiplayer game, similar to Clash of Clans but we think that this game is even better since it is a like newer version of COC. Find out more at: Boom Beach astuce

boom beach diamonds

. World in Boom Beach is island based, and you are starting game on one of those islands with small base. Your goal is to develop your base as soon as possible and loot big amounts of resources in as short period of time in order to develop fast enough to be strong and not easy kill to other players who are playing this game a little longer than you! Exploring areas and islands around you is very important since that is the best way to find out who is around you and is there any great islands with big amounts of resources which you can take before anybody else. Since every new player is kind of workable, we recommend you to start making defense and small army which can protect you in early game which is really important to every new player in this great game called Boom Beach!

Best Boom Beach tips!

Boom Beach is free to play game, but there are in game purchases which can help you to develop faster and be better than other players on your server! Yea you heard us right, there is possibility to buy diamonds for real money. Diamonds allows you to develop faster while speeding up every aspect of your game which is just amazing and helpful for new players!